Maastricht Jazz Festival - Performance by Bert van der Brink and Sagi Gross exploits technologies developed in the DANCE EU ICT H2020 Project:

Beatrice speaks about AI at Ars Electronica. You can watch it below:


The Public performances at Museo di Palazzo Reale in Genoa, Italy (March 25th 2017) are available below. Additional videos are available on the DANCE EU ICT H2020 Project website.

The "When Art Meets Science 2016" commentary is available below:

Beatrice and Lisanne appeared in the TV show De Kennis Van Nu on April 8th 2015, to talk about prosopagnosia. Click to watch.

Also, here is the 1-hour radio interview from the same program.

De Kennis Van Nu

Beatrice is invited to talk about unconscious vision in a Spanish Television (in Spanish).

The episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman was broadcasted in the US on July 6h (10pm e/p) on the Science Channel. You can watch it below.

Beatrice de Gelder was interviewed by Paul Rutgeerts for EOS Magazine as part of series “top scientists interview top scientists”. The interview is in Dutch. Click here to read the interview. As part of the same series, Beatrice interviewed Dirk Inzé.

A documentary by Fet-Open featuring Beatrice de Gelder.

Charlotte Sinke was interviewed as part of an exhibition on the role of evolutionary thought plays at Maastricht University. From 5:38 (in Dutch)

Material from de Gelder, B., Tamietto, M., van Boxtel, G., Goebel, R., Sahraie, A., Van den Stock, J., Stienen, B. M. C., Weiskrantz, L., & Pegna, A. (2008). Intact navigation skills after bilateral loss of striate cortex. Current Biology, 18(24), R1128-R1129.